Image of Makolli Complexion Soap

Makolli Complexion Soap


Makgeolli is a traditional Korean fermented rice drink, sort of between wine and beer. I made some recently, and it's delicious--a little fizzy and sweet and tart. It's also good for you--lots of B vitamins and lactobacilli.

It's also prized for skincare in Korea and Japan. Studies have shown that the rice lees left after straining are effective as an anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkling and whitening agent.

So I made soap, as I tend to do, using the lees. It's a very nice soap, scented with a spaish fragrance, light and clean.

Ingredients: palm, coconut, soy, rice bran and castor oils, water, lye, nuruk (rice lees), fragrance.