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Pure & Simple Olive Oil Cream

$12.00 – $20.00
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  • 4 oz. - $12.00
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A rich cream that sinks in slowly--made of the nicest things--extra virgin olive oil, shea butter & local honey are the main ingredients --it couldn't be any simpler. Can be used on face, hands or body--and ideal for winter dry skin.

The fragrance is clean, bright, lemon verbena. We used to add a different scent for each batch to keep things interesting, but the lemon verbena is so lovely that there's no chance of a change.

It's made in small batches to guarantee quality, & made often-- around every two weeks, to keep up with demand.

ingredients: water, olive oil, shea butter, honey, e-wax, stearic acid, preservative, fragrance.

you can order either a 4 or 8 ounce size.